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Best Decaf Coffee Brazil Single Origin

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Low-fi Mood

12 Oz

Whole Bean

  • Mild Arabica
  • Hint of sweetness
  • Chocolaty, mellow flavor
  • Dark roast

The Santos region of Brazil is known for its smooth, subtle, mellow beans. Known as a soft coffee because it’s so delicate and mild, it offers just a hint of sweetness. This decaffeinated coffee is processed with a Swiss method, in which ionized water is used to extract the caffeine with very little degradation of the coffee flavor. To ensure full flavor, it’s gently roasted a bit darker than our medium roasted coffee's, which introduces notes of rich chocolate.

What could be even better than a cup of brew that gives you a jumpstart right when you need it? Simple. A cup of brew that gives you the start but not the acidity. That gives you the aroma you love but not the anxiety you dread. That awakens you but doesn’t affect your normal sleep pattern. That brightens your mood but doesn’t stain your teeth. Decaf coffee beans is fast rising in popularity amid coffee-loving audiences the world over for delivering the benefits of coffee without its side effects. If you’re a decaf convert, one variant you truly need to try out is the Best Decaf Coffee Brazil Single Origin.

Sourced from Brazil’s Santos region, known for its smooth, subtle, and mellow beans, Decaf Brazil Coffee is a delicate and mild coffee with a hint of sweetness. But then, doesn’t the process of caffeination take away a fair degree of a coffee’s natural flavor? After all, you don’t gain something unless you’re willing to lose something in return, right? Brazil Decaf turns this piece of conventional wisdom on its head with a Swiss method that uses ionized water to extract the caffeine with every little collateral damage (read minimal loss of your coffee’s natural flavor). The Brazil Decaf Single Origin is also gently roasted a bit darker than other medium-roasted coffees, introducing notes of rich chocolate, and further bringing out its full flavor.

Indulge in the best decaf coffee beans with our Decaf Brazil Coffee. At Social Brew, we are dedicated to bringing you the best decaffeinated coffee beans options that don't compromise on taste. Savor the flavors, embrace the ritual, and enjoy every sip, guilt-free.

Order your bag of these exquisite decaf coffee beans and embark on a journey of rich flavors and caffeine-free enjoyment.

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Customer Reviews

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Great coffee!

Wonderful coffee for a great cause!

I love Social Brew's Decaf Coffee! Such delicious coffee, especially for the decaf lovers out there, like myself! Also what a wonderful way to start my day-with not only a wonderful cup of coffee, but also having the opportunity to make a difference in the world just by purchasing this coffee! Highly recommend!

Super Tasty!

Highly recommend!