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Which is the healthiest decaf coffee?

Coffee without caffeine. Isn’t that something like a drink without alcohol? Well, kind of. But then, as with alcohol, there’s a sizable population of coffee drinkers who experience side-effects after downing one too many cups. Conditions like anxiety, insomnia, elevated heart rate and even restlessness.

Decaf: A boon that came with its own surprises

So, did decaf end the problems of caffeine-sensitive coffee drinkers? Yes and no. Yes, it surely freed coffee sippers from the side-effects discussed above. No, because decaf created by using chemical solvents such as methylene chloride (used in the production of adhesives, paints and pharmaceuticals) opened up its own can of issues: headache, confusion, nausea, vomiting, dizziness and fatigue.

Is there a healthy decaf at all?

There is. Swiss Water Decaf. A breed of decaf that’s free of chemicals and retains most of the coffee’s original flavor. A decaf that stands the test of health without losing the battle for taste. This is what makes the Swiss Water Decaf the world’s healthiest decaffeinated coffee.

More about Swiss Water Decaf

The name originates from the decaffeination method (Swiss Water Decaf) which is water-based and was discovered in Switzerland in the 1930s. This simple process extracts caffeine from raw coffee in the most natural way possible and removes up to 99.9% caffeine. The uniqueness of this process is, it leaves all of the coffee’s precious natural oils, essential antioxidants and flavor producing chemicals perfectly intact.

How to choose the best Swiss Water Decaf

As with anything good in the world, Swiss Water Decaf too, would be available in myriad variants. To brew a mug of Swiss Water Decaf that’s at its original and healthiest best, here is what you need to look for:

*Look at the label: The decaf coffee you choose should either carry the Swiss Water Process logo or state the use of the Swiss Water Process.

*Organic: Choose beans that are grown using organic methods to get the most out of your Swiss Water Decaf.

*Free of Contaminants: A lot of the well-known decaf coffees on the market contain harmful contaminants like mold and mycotoxins that could lead to long-term health issues. Choose a brand that’s grown, processed, roasted and tested under the strictest quality standards to ensure an absence of health risks.

Swiss Water Decaf is one of the premium coffees that’s catching the attention of serious decaf drinkers worldwide. We’re Social Brew, an online e-commerce platform that’s dedicated to bringing the world’s most premium coffees into the lives of coffee lovers like you.

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