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Which is the best decaffeinated coffee? 

Decaf coffee isn’t coffee. It’s just water of a deep brown hue in a cup. If you're a decaf drinker who’s accepted the fact that decaf can never be as flavorsome as the real deal, it’s time for a reality check. With rapid advancement in techniques and processes, decafs of the contemporary world are not too far behind their caffeine-blessed contemporaries. However, as with caffeinated coffees, decafs too come with variations in flavor, aroma, aftertaste and the overall good feel. Here’s how you can choose the best decaf for your morning cup.

Choose By Convenience

While the coffee drinking world may be united in their love for the beverage, choices start to differ when it comes to celebrating your drink. Since decaf brands come in the same formats as coffee brands, check out the types. Decafs come in the following types: Bag Decaf – if you're the dip and shake kind, Bean Decaf – if you prefer your roast in its full form, Instant Decaf – if you want to stir and sip, Ground Decaf – if you use a French Press or filter coffee machine and Pod Decaf – if you want single-use coffee pods.

Choose by the 'caffeine free' percentage

You won't have a problem finding decafs with 97% of the caffeine removed from their beans, which still leaves you with 7 mg caffeine in a 236 ml cup. However, if you want to get close to being caffeine-free, you'll need to look for decafs with decaffeination efficacy above 97%.

Choose by Decaf Process

There are multiple processes to extract caffeine from your coffee; some are more commonly used than others, and some are more effective than the rest. For instance, the Swiss Water Process removes up to 99.9% of the caffeine, and that too, without using chemicals. Knowing about processes helps you understand the quality beneath the labels.

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