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Best Hawaiian Blend Coffee

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¡Hola, Aloha!

12 Oz

Whole Bean

A spotless coastline that runs along undisturbed for 750 miles is why the world flocks to Hawaii. But the volcanoes that dot this entire picturesque stretch are why the world makes a beeline for coffee coming out of this region. With Hawaiian Blend Coffee, you’re assured of the finest gourmet Arabica beans nurtured in perfect Hawaiian conditions - meaning a dream balance of sun, rain, wind, and earth that’s infused with rare volcanic minerals.

  • Rich Arabica blend
  • Sweet, nutty flavor
  • Medium effervescence

Two of the world’s finest Arabica beans are even better together. This round, smooth, never-bitter blend is a perfectly balanced combination of rich, effervescent Supremo from the Huila region of Colombia and Oahu’s own Waialua, which lends a nutty, sweet and one-of-a-kind Hawaiian flavor.

Hawaiian Blend Coffee results from the combination of two prime members of the Arabica family. One is the rich and effervescent Supremo from the Huila region of Columbia. The other, Oahu’s own Waialua. Together, they create a unique Hawaiian flavor with the richness and intensity to stand out amid a crowd of great-tasting cups.

Hawaii kona coffee is the most demanding coffee bean. So, order Hawaiian coffee beans and enjoy every sip of coffee.

What’s Hawaiian coffee got that other coffees don’t?

Hawaiian coffees are blessed with a home that comes richly endowed with something ordinary coffees don’t have the privilege of either seeing or being surrounded with.

What makes Hawaiian coffee different?

Hawaiian coffee is distinguished from other coffees by its unique island microclimate and extra care taken by generation after generation of coffee farmers.

What are the other coffee products that Social Brew offers online?

Social Brew is one of the best Hawaiian coffee company, that offers pure and best kona coffee beans, decaffeinated beans, and 100% Waialua Coffee Single Origin.


*Please open the zipper with caution to ensure proper resealing of the bag.

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews

My order was for ground coffee. I received been. 😞

Keith Kelley
Loving Best Hawaiian Blend Coffee

I was especially moved by Social Brew's mission to assist Women and Family Farms in Hawaii. After my first cup I knew I would be a customer for life!

Gale Sugiyama
Hawaiian Blend Coffee

Lacked that deep dark roast flavor. It was okay.

Alan Yamamoto
A smooth, mellow blend.

I find this blend to be quite pleasent. Very "drinkable" and smooth. You know how there are some coffees where you're like "Whoa! I'm going to take on the world! Kick some butt and be super productive." This isn't that. This is more like, "Ahh...I just want to put my feet up, listen to the waves and watch the sun rise." And you know what? Sometimes (Especially in the world we live in today.) we need that more than ever.

Amy Adrian

We love the coffee and the charity! Having this much go back to charity is unheard of and the world we live in today this is a clearly a company working to make a better world!!