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How To Brew The Best Auto Drip Kona Coffee

It’s been on your mind for a while and now, you can’t wait for the sublime taste of the world’s most exotic coffee to overwhelm your tastebuds. At Social Brew, we consider it our mission to guide genuine coffee lovers who spend considerable time looking for the world’s most authentic Kona Coffee or Kona Blend. If you happen to be among the community of coffee drinkers who’re looking to buy Kona Coffee online and brew yourself a heavenly tasting cup at home, this blog is just for you.

 Step 1: Start with the beans

You may have one of the finest automatic coffee makers going around, but the coffee at the end of the proverbial rainbow will depend on what goes in at the beginning. Make sure you get your hands on nothing less than authentic 100% Kona Coffee, that too, preferably from a Hawaii-based source. Another valuable tip, choose to buy whole bean Kona and not its ground version. Whole beans ensure the flavor notes that give Kona Coffee its legendary status, stay intact until they make it to your cup.

 Step 2: Use the precise quantity

Your next hurdle on the path to enjoying the unique experience of 100% Pure Kona Coffee is getting the mix right. The ratio of coffee to water so to speak; any deviation here may significantly alter the ratio of sip to satisfaction. The directions  may vary from machine to machine or brand to brand and therefore, we recommend using 1.5 tablespoons of fresh ground Kona Coffee per 8 oz of freshly procured water, as a start. Once this safe ratio works to your delight, you can experiment with the ratios for your next brew.

 Step 3: Do the Grind

This is an important step because the size of the grind will determine the strength and flavor of your cup. Make sure the size of the ground Kona beans is close to that of course salt. Grind it finer and your brew will end up bitter. Grind it bigger and you risk getting a weak brew.

 Step 4: Hit the button

After all the pain, you are now moments closer to experiencing the ultimate pleasure in the coffee drinking world. Hit the button and let your automatic machine do the rest. Here’s how you can evaluate the quality of the Kona Coffee that pours into your cup. Pay close attention to the burst of bubbles or ‘coffee bloom’. The more bubbles or carbon dioxide you see, the fresher your beans and therefore, richer and grander your brew.

The best experiences in life may not come easy but then, the rewards will definitely be worth every ounce of your effort.  Follow the steps mentioned above and you can brew up a great tasting cup of the world’s most exotic coffee at your will. By the way, we’re Social Brew - an ecommerce platform that specializes in bringing true coffee lovers some of the world’s most exotic coffees including 100% Kona Coffee, 100% Waialua Coffee, Hawaiian Blend Coffee and Decaf Brazil Coffee. Just so you know, we contribute a significant portion of our profits to the cause of rehabilitating victims of global human trafficking. So, every time you decide to buy Kona Coffee online and source your Kona Coffee or Kona Blend from us, not only will you be brightening your day, you’ll be contributing to a mission greater than yourself.

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