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Smooth Brew with a Great Taste

I really enjoy starting my morning with this! It’s delightfully smooth with a great taste. Highly recommend.

100% Kona Coffee Single Origin | Best Kona Coffee Beans

Delicious Coffee for a Good Cause

Sipping Kona coffee tastes so much better when there's social justice in action. Liked the product but really loved the mission and heart behind Social Brew!

Best Hawaiian Blend Coffee

Yummy Kona

I loaded these in our fancy coffee maker and for about a week we had amazing coffee. I saved some to make a few carafes as well, and this was great every time. You aren't getting a lot, and for the price, it's steep. However, this is 100% Kona. Most store bought Kona is only about 10% actual Kona so this is a good but very expensive treat.

Best coffee and so easy to order

Thank you for providing excellent service and the Kona coffee was so good!

Excellent smooth Kona taste

This is very smooth. I typically drink my coffee black, so I prefer better quality tasting coffee. This is not bitter and it has that Kona lightly spiced flavor. I have nothing negative to say. Excellent coffee!

Great coffee, and a great mission.

The coffee tastes great. It is a very flavorful blend, with no off smells or tastes. What makes this coffee so interesting to me (other than the fact that it contains some Hawaiian coffee beans) is that half of all profits go to charity.

I wouldn't buy coffee based on where profits go, but it was a real eye opener to see how this coffee differentiated itself from the pack, basically putting the company's money where their mouth is, and pushing to help end human trafficking.

I'd like the coffee without that social goal, but it sure shone a light on this brand for me. I recommend giving it a shot if you want to try some Hawaiian blends, because why not try it and do some good at the same time?

Super Tasty!

Highly recommend!

Amazing Coffee

This Kona coffee is one of the best I have tasted, it is smooth and very flavorful, will be buying more for myself and family members


Kona Whole Bean Coffee tastes good, but it too acidic and bitter. Bold flavor.

We like this coffee.

Our family loves this coffee so much, it is smooth and strong at the same time a perfect balance and the best flavour. I love how good smells this coffee and it is definitely one of the best coffees.

Not astounding, but great taste, medium roast, and not very bitter

If you knew me, you'd know that I'm a coffee addict. Not a coffee snob, though. I do think there is a time and place for "standard" dark brews. Thankfully, though, this coffee should still impress even a coffee snob.

Basics: It's a Hawaiian blend coffee (according to description, a mix between beans grown in Hawaii and Columbia). The coffee is a medium roast and actually tasted like a medium roast, not too dark or light. Its claim to fame is that it's "never bitter", which is mostly true - I definitely did not think the coffee had a noticeably bitter taste, but I also wouldn't say it was as smooth as 100% Kona beans. Still, for the price point, it's a solid coffee. Taste profile was more fruity.

One nitpick - the bag is resealable but kind of thin and won't sit upright. After buying a lot of coffees with the upright resealable design, I find that I definitely prefer that. This is not a deal breaker, though.

Overall, I'd recommend this coffee!

Lovely cup of coffee

This coffee tastes so good! It’s rich and bold, yet smooth. True grit stays tasty even after it cools, so it’s great for taking to work to sip on, although it tastes best to me when hot and freshly brewed. Will keep this on hand for my daily coffee! I like it.

Mellow, Smooth, Non-Bitter Whole Bean Hawaiian Coffee; Some Profits Go To Charity!

I can't imagine my life without coffee. Everyone in my family drinks it. I'm addicted to its caffeine. Coffee in the morning, tea in the afternoon, and wine in the evening. That is a balanced day. Therefore, I was excited for an opportunity to review a high-end Hawaiian coffee from Social Brew. This company generously donates one-half of its profits to combat human trafficking around the world. This is a very worthy cause. The Social Brew Hawaiian Blend Whole Bean Coffee arrived inside an adequately sealed bakery bag with a key-shaped tab that you pull off, opening the bag and revealing a Ziploc closure used for resealing the bag. I wished these high-end, expensive coffee beans had been sealed inside an inner bag for extra protection in case the outer bag split open during S&H.

This Hawaiian coffee smells very aromatic and fresh. I can smell it through the bag. According to the bag, the coffee has notes of licorice, clove, and pure cocoa. (I love chocolate.) Perhaps this is why I don't need to add sugar or cream to this coffee. It has a very mellow, smooth, non-bitter taste. Also, on the back of the bag, directly to the left of the barcode, there is an expiration date of 10/31/2022. This is a good date. An excellent date would have been closer to 01/31/2023. The whole beans were easily ground using my electric grinder from Krupps. I brewed the coffee using my electric slow drip coffee machine and my French press coffee maker. Both methods produced good-tasting coffee.

Most twelve-ounce bags of similar quality coffee sell for anywhere between $11.99 and $15.99. Considering that half of the company's profits are going to charity, I think that $19.99 (at the time of this review) is a reasonable price. Some consumers may still believe $19.99 is too much to pay for a twelve-ounce bag of whole bean coffee. Strangely enough, when I first requested this item for review, the price was $34.99. I thought that it was extremely high. Remember, certain brands of coffee, like automobiles and clothing, are considered status symbols and are usually overpriced. If you crave Hawaiian coffee and want to help a worthwhile charity, then you may want to purchase a twelve-ounce bag of Social Brew Hawaiian Blend Whole Bean Coffee!

Awesome taste and flavor. Highly recommend it!

The aroma of the coffee is really good and I loved the full-bodied flavor. Definitely the best tasting coffee I have had in a while.

The packaging is nice...the zip lock inside is great.

Delicious, Smooth, Non-Bitter Kona Coffee; Terribly Overpriced; Bag Arrived Partially Unsealed!

I'm a coffee addict and I have sampled many types of whole bean coffee. I prefer whole bean coffee because the whole beans remain fresher longer than coffee that has already been ground. I easily ground the whole beans from Social Brew 100% Kona Single Origin. I made coffee using my electric slow drip coffee maker and my French Press. I prefer making it using the latter method. However, in the mornings, I have a tradition of making coffee using my slow drip, pouring it into an insulated thermos, and carrying it across the street to my parents' home.

My bag of Social Brew arrived partially open with some of the coffee beans spilled out. The seam at the top busted. It may have been the way it was packaged with heavier items in the same cardboard shipping box. However, I wish the company had placed the beans inside an inner bag; this would have protected them during shipping. At the price of $48.99 (at the time of this review), the company could've afforded better packaging. I will say that the beans looked fresh and smelled very fragrant. When brewed, my entire kitchen smelled great. On the back of the bag, near the barcode, is an expiration date of EXP 10/31/2022. This is a good date. If it was a great date, it would have been closer to 1/31/2023.

The Social Brew coffee tasted very good. I didn't have to add sweetener like I must with inferior quality beans. Overall, the taste is very smooth and non-bitter. Kona coffee is famous for its full bodied flavor and pleasing aroma. Kona coffee is expensive because of the cost of labor; the beans must be handpicked. However, Kona coffee, according to the experts, is somewhat overrated and overpriced. I've had high-end coffee from South American countries that cost no more than $15.99 for a twelve-ounce bag that tasted just as good as this twelve-ounce bag of Social Brew Kona coffee for $48.99 (at the time of this review). I understand that the company is donating half of their profits to combat human trafficking in India. This is a worthy cause. This may explain the exorbitant price of the coffee. However, it would be best for charitable reasons if the company sold a product that was more affordable to the general public. Macadamia Nut Cookies, for examples, might be more affordable and practical choice.

Also, I would like to note that the bag does not contain a Nutrition Facts table nor does it state where it was manufactured. The bag appears very homemade. At the price of $48.99 (at the time of this review), I would expect a more professional bag. In all honesty, I cannot recommend the Social Brew 100% Kona Single Origin Whole Bean, 12-Ounce, Coffee. I suggest that the company lower its price and perform a more professional job of packaging its product.

Best Hawaiian Blend Coffee
Captain Awesomeness
Higher cost due to 50% all profits going into the fight against human trafficking.

Pictured is the coffee set at "gold" [Normal] setting with added 2% milk.

The bag comes with a nice way to seal it as well as a decent description of its notes: Licorice, Clove-Cocoa.

After having the coffee at "gold" I tried again at "Bold" at the strongest setting and found it to taste far superior. I also decided to forgo adding any milk and find it to be a nice black coffee of which I added a little bit of date syrup for a satisfying drink. It is better than limited small bag brands at stores many are familiar with, but I have other whole bean coffees I prefer which are cheaper but without the charitable nature.

The reason it isn't 5 stars is due to my desire for greater specific clarity on the charity and that I would prefer to pay less and choose what charities to give to of my money myself. 50% is steep, and I am curious as to how it is possible if it is 'Gross' Profits as opposed to 'Net' Profits and if this is should then be listed as a non-profit company in and of itself. I found the two charities on its site, and it appears it gives them the 50% and those two then decide how best to disburse the funds. I provided a direct copy and paste and feel Conscious Coffee would approve as I found it through them and it's on their site.

Ho'ōla Nā Pua (New Life for Our Children) was founded to shine a light on the dark criminal enterprise of sex trafficking and places the health of Hawaii's youth at the center of its mission and vision for its community.

Beautiful Feet Wellness, a fitness and physical wellness center, helps human trafficking victims reorient their lives through exercise and healthy habits. Beautiful Feet Wellness also partners with and supports existing organizations centered on rehabilitating victims of human trafficking.

Tasty Cup of Coffee - Great Cause

I remember being introduced to Kona blend back in college. I was spoiled by a roommate that was obsessed with loose-leaf teas and whole-bean coffees. French Press, Pour Over, Diffusers... all over the kitchen. Flash forward, mornings were not as relaxed and time to prepare and enjoy was almost non-existent. Flash-forward... now I'm working from home and have time to enjoy the process all over again!

I was looking for a good Kona blend to experiment with and happened upon Social Brew. After reading about its "Single Origin" and, more importantly, its pledge to "give back" to an important social cause, I was sold.

The bag is very well sealed with a freshness pack on the interior to minimize oxidation. It is resealable and very easy to open. Upon opening, there is a nice dark roasted scent that immediately wafts up from the back. I have tried a few different preparations for this coffee... Pour-over, French Press, and traditional drip methods... All are quite tasty... It is always difficult to describe - but the coffee has a nice bold flavor, but also feels mild at the same time. There is a darkness to the flavor, with brightness... similar to acidity, but no bite. However, this coffee truly shines in a Pour-over. The flavors aren't as punchy... but mellow into this delicious medium bodied coffee that has a hint of sweetness and finished clean without that bitter mouth feeling. I have enjoyed drinking it black... but absolutely LOVE it with a splash of Macadamia Nut Milk...

The cost might seem a bit steep up front, and might be a bit extravagant for the everyday coffee... but with a single origin Kona blend from a company that is also giving back to the community... worth every cent.

fine, nothing special

I had an expensive kona before and did not like it, gave it away. We will drink this. It's pleasant, smooth, beans were fresh, it's just not that special. It's a very standard, if a bit smoother, cup of coffee. It's not bad at all, it's just not a stand out or anything I'd think twice about.

Tasty Hawaiian Grown Kona Bean Coffee

The Social Brew coffee was ordered for use by my wife and me as a hot beverage.

My spouse and I love freshly ground whole bean coffee. This particular brand of Kona coffee beans has a great taste that does not overpower nor have a highly acidic taste. My wife and I were definitely pleased with the taste of the Social Brew coffee.

Finally, we were pleased that this company is using a percentage of its profits to fight human trafficking.

BOTTOM LINE: This is a good-tasting coffee that does not overpower or have a highly acidic taste. In addition, the company donates to fight human trafficking. I would definitely order this coffee again.

A coffee that's world famous for a reason

Kona coffee - like Sumatra Mandheling and Jamaica Blue Mountain - is a world-renowned coffee name for a good reason. All three regions produce unusually flavorful coffees with unique characteristics tied to the superb attributes of their growing areas. They tend towards misty, mountainous areas with volcanic soil and abundant sun when it's not too misty or raining. Many coffee lovers consider Kona grown coffees the finest in the world. I was expecting a good cup of coffee when I was offered this Social Brew 100% Kona Single Origin Whole Bean Hawaiian Coffee and I wasn't disappointed.

The coffee has a mildly floral aroma in the bag. It doesn't have the "big nose" of a Sumatran or Brazilian coffee. Grinding the beans fine for an espresso machine, I brewed a cup and drank it black with nothing added, as I usually do. The crema was thick, frothy and long-lasting. The first sip of coffee had an elegant fruitiness that's quite delicious. After a few sips, the complexity and depth of the coffee becomes more apparent. It has a smoky quality, quite ashy with that volcanic "bite" unique to coffees grown in volcanic regions. The flavors are a complex mixture of milk chocolate, brown sugar, citrus, caramel, almond and hazelnut, tobacco and red wine. It's a unique blend of flavors that's elegant up-front, growing increasingly complex over time. It has a deep finish on the tongue and palette.

The coffee is very well balanced with no acidity and no discernable bitterness. I found it to be an excellent example of one of the world's greatest coffee-growing regions. There is an interesting back story to this coffee. The young owner formed this company as a response to Covid in 2020. She is donating 50% of her profits to fight human trafficking, an increasingly insidious practice in an increasingly desperate world. Bravo!

Best Hawaiian Blend Coffee
✨➽ Social Brew | Hawaiian Blend, Whole Bean Coffee > Good Coffee, On a Mission to Help Others...

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✨➽ Social Brew | Hawaiian Blend, Whole Bean Coffee

⦁➽ Social Brew will give 50% of ALL PROFITS to selected
non-profit partnerships to aid in the fight against human

⦁➽ Brewed, Taste, Aroma:
+ The Grind - As soon as the blade begins to turn the
smell of fresh roasted coffee bean fills the air and gives
just a hint to the flavor that lays ahead. A full flavored
coffee with an almost dark roast flavor and is smooth
right from the cup. It does have a good strong roasted
flavor, so you won't need to throw in those extra beans
to squeeze more flavor out of these beans.

+ I also enjoyed this coffee without that acidic reaction,
that hits me after a cup or two, which seems to be the
usual with the coffee beans I've had from a fair amount
of the coffee bean roasters /suppliers, that I've tried

+ ** My Family and I are enjoying this coffee very much
and we also applause this company and their efforts to
aid in the fight against human trafficking and helping out
others, making a difference, Thanks

⦁➽ On a Mission / Goals:
+ Social Brew will give 50% of ALL PROFITS to selected
non-profit partnerships to aid in the fight against human
+ Simone Ispahani, founded Social Brew, an e-commerce
coffee company with a mission as bracing as your morning

+➽ Price at Time of Review: > $34.99 / 12oz ( $2.92 / oz )

This is a great tasting coffee, from a company on a mission
to help out others. If you're a coffee drinker and like a bold
yet smooth cup of coffee then this may be a choice for you
to consider.

I would Recommend. Be Safe, Have Fun, Enjoy!

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➽ SCORE: 5 Stars > ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐
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⦁ SWEET NUTTY FLAVOR: This round, smooth, never-bitter
blend is a perfect balanced combination of two of the finest

⦁ RICH ARABICA BLEND: Two of the world's finest Arabica
beans are even better together. Supremo, harvested from
the Huila region of Columbia and Oahu's own Waialua come
together in an inspiring blend...

Creator Simone Ispahani has connected her love of coffee
with a desire to help end human trafficking. Social Brew has
committed to donating 50% of ALL profits to support the
fight against human trafficking.
✨➽ Social Brew | Hawaiian Blend, Whole Bean Coffee
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Excellent coffee

This coffee has a fruity and nutty flavor that's really distinctive and delightful. The acidity is low and it's very smooth. I'm writing this at night and already looking forward to tomorrow morning's first cup. :-)

Social Brew Hawaiian Blend Medium Roast Whole Bean Coffee 12 ounce

Hawaiian Blend, this coffee is a combination of Huila Supremo Arabica beans from Columbia and Hawaiian Waialua Arabica whole beans from Oahu. This medium roast has a smoky aroma in the bag and while brewing it is equally good. I used a burr grinder on a medium setting for brewing in a good quality automatic drip coffee maker with delicious results.

The flavor is complex with the smoky note detected in the aroma along with a slightly bright element—not quite citrusy but closer to a berry taste. It is smooth and has a rich coffee taste without any harsh bitter or acidic notes. To estimate shelf-life at the time of this review in January 2022 the expiration date is 10 months in the future. Delicious.