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Inspiring Self-Esteem : Light Speaks Loudest for Teens

About the podcast

In this episode of The Conscious Cup podcast, Simone Ispahani is joined by her long-time friend, Laura Fooks, the founder of Light Speaks Loudest. Laura shares her journey from a teenage dream to a successful entrepreneur and how her faith has been a guiding force. They explore the challenges faced by teen girls, the importance of authentic resources, and the impact of comparison on self-esteem. Laura recounts a heartwarming experience when her home church sponsored boxes for every middle school and high schooler, leading to a sixth-grader reaching out to express gratitude for the life-changing impact of Light Speaks Loudest. The company's first conferences brought together teen girls from different places, emphasizing the need for spaces tailored to this unique age group. Story Notes:
☕ Introducing Laura and Light Speaks Loudest
☕ Impactful Stories from Light Speaks Loudest
☕ Navigating Teenage Isolation during COVID
☕ Building Self-Esteem and Navigating Identity
☕ Entrepreneurship Journey and Business School

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