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Freedom Doesn’t Come With a Completion Certificate: A Conversation With Jenny Footle


 About The Episodes

Join Simone Ispahani on The Conscious Cup podcast as she delves into the inspiring journey of Jenny Footle, the incredible founder of Beautiful Feet Wellness, in this week's episode. In this episode, Simone and Jenny discuss the origins of Beautiful Feet Wellness, Jenny's personal experiences with human trafficking, and the impactful work she does to help survivors heal holistically—body, mind, and spirit.

Jenny shares her journey from volunteering at safe houses to founding Beautiful Feet Wellness, emphasizing the importance of community and real relationships in the healing process. With a background in fitness and personal training, Jenny explains how physical activity plays a vital role in helping survivors reconnect with their bodies and move from a state of survival to thriving.

The episode also delves into the challenges Jenny faced as a person of color and someone with lived experience, highlighting the barriers she overcame to establish and sustain Beautiful Feet Wellness. As Jenny pursues her studies in public health, she sheds light on the holistic approach the organization takes and the significance of building a strong support system for survivors.

Story Notes:

☕ Building Community and Connection

☕ Formation of Beautiful Feet Wellness

☕ Mission and Approach of Beautiful Feet Wellness

☕ Challenges Faced as an Entrepreneur

☕ Supporting Long-Term Healing

☕ Moving from Surviving to Thriving

☕ Upcoming Events and Projects

☕ Book Release To learn more about Jenny Footle, visit: 

Website: https://beautifulfeetwellness.org/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/beautiful.f...

Website: https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/rail...

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