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Finding Purpose: Tammy Bitanga on Sparking Change



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On this episode of "The Conscious Cup" podcast, Simone Ispahani welcomes Tammy Bitanga, the Interim Director of Community Programs at Hoʻōla Nā Pua and a survivor of childhood sexual exploitation. Tammy's journey into advocacy began when she attended a women's conference in 2010 and learned about human trafficking. Over the years, she became deeply involved with Hoʻōla Nā Pua, focusing on raising awareness about this critical issue.Tammy's personal history involves early childhood abuse, foster care, victimization, and a period of chronic runaway experiences. Her commitment to advocacy and mentoring for trafficking victims stems from her own healing journey.

Hoʻōla Nā Pua, where Tammy works, is dedicated to awareness, education, and prevention of sex trafficking. They prioritize educating children about healthy relationships and risk factors to prevent victimization. Pearl Haven, part of their efforts, provides a safe place for children aged 11 to 17 who have been exploited, integrating cultural activities into the healing process.

Additionally, Tammy emphasizes the significance of the Starfish Mentoring Program, which supports survivors aged 11 to 24, both within and outside of Pearl Haven. Her dedication to this cause is rooted in her own transformation and the hope of creating a world free from human trafficking. Tammy's story serves as an inspirational beacon in the fight against trafficking, highlighting the importance of understanding, empathy, and respecting survivors' boundaries in their healing journey.

Story Notes:

🎙️ Tammy Bitanga's Background

🎙️ Prevention and Healing

🎙️ Empowering Survivors

🎙️ Awareness, Education, Prevention, and Support

🎙️ Tammy's Role in Hoʻōla Nā Pua

🎙️ Healing Journey To learn more about Tammy, visit: www.hoolanapua.org

To learn more about the Social Brew, visit: https://socialbrew.us/


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