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Empowering Communities: The Ripple Effect of Girls Health Ed


About The Episodes

In this episode of The Conscious Cup, host Simone Ispahani engages in a heartfelt conversation with Pavita Singh, the Executive Director of Girls Health Ed. They discuss the organization's mission, Pavita's personal journey, the impact of their work, and the importance of comprehensive health and sexuality education for adolescent girls and young women. Pavita shares her own experiences with mental health challenges and how they led her to dedicate her career to empowering others and breaking down stigma.

Pavita explains that Girls Health Ed is a nonprofit organization dedicated to fostering healthy, informed, and empowered decision-making among adolescent girls and young women, particularly in underserved communities. They provide comprehensive health and sexuality education through trained teaching fellows, focusing on topics such as nutrition, body image, violence prevention, and more.

Simone and Pavita acknowledge the strength and power that comes from turning struggles into strengths. They emphasize the importance of breaking down stigma, providing support, and empowering individuals, especially young women, to lead healthy and empowered lives.


Story Notes:

☕ Girls Health Ed's Mission

☕ Program Delivery Model

☕ Gender Confidence Gap

☕ Theory of Change and Impact

☕ Personal Journey and Connection to the Cause

☕ Intersection of Trauma and Mental Health

☕ Becoming Involved with Girls Health Ed

☕ Art as Healing

☕ Navigating Healthcare System


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