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Embracing Imperfection: Making a Meaningful Impact


About The Episodes

In this episode of "The Conscious Cup Podcast," host Simone Ispahani shares her personal journey and the creation of her business, Social Brew. Growing up in diverse cultures, Simone developed a passion for helping others, inspired by her parents' philanthropic efforts. She discusses her ecommerce coffee company, which donates 50% of its proceeds to combat human trafficking. Simone highlights her nonprofit partners and their programs aimed at survivors' rehabilitation and empowerment. She recounts her own transformative experiences and the role of faith in her decision to start Social Brew. Listeners are encouraged to pursue their passions and make a meaningful impact. The Conscious Cup Podcast aims to inspire and explore the connection between coffee, community, and social change. Story Notes:

☕ Simone's Multicultural Upbringing and Exposure to Diverse Cultures

☕ The Influence of Simone's Parents and their Commitment to Serving Others

☕ The Founding of the Master's Peace Foundation

☕ The Inspiration Behind Social Brew

☕ The Core Message of The Conscious Cup Podcast To learn more about the       Social Brew, visit: https://socialbrew.us/

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