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What makes Waialua Coffee one of the favorite gourmet coffees from Hawaii?

Waialua Coffee from Hawaii


Today, one doesn’t need to visit a gallery or a museum to experience a carefully curated piece of sheer art. A trip to a neighborhood cafe would be enough. Once in, don’t turn to the walls to look for a splash of color that will pause your thoughts and your world.

Turn to the steaming cup in front of you. Voila! Welcome to the world of gourmet coffee. A higher form of coffee that will elevate both your palate and senses to a whole new level of flavor, aroma and richness.

Waialua coffee – you’ll need to put in some efforts to say it right but none to love it outright, is fast emerging as a piping hot favorite in the world of gourmet coffees fit for connoisseurs.

A unique tasting coffee from a uniquely gifted destination.

It takes high quality grapes to make fine tasting wine. Likewise, it takes high quality beans to yield great tasting ‘gourmet’ coffee. Waialua coffee is born in coffee plantations located along Hawaii’s volcanic slopes - rich in nutrients and blessed with climatic conditions that’re ideal for farming rare quality coffees.


With all the elements necessary for its growth at optimal levels, the taste and overall experience of the Waialua coffee sets a standard that regular coffees cultivated on low lying farms and even other gourmet coffees find impossible to match.


Great experiences often come in limited quantities. So, the distinctive semi-sweet taste of Waialua coffee (which is similar to the taste of the now legendary Kona coffee, also from Hawaii), is a luxury among coffee lovers, since only 160,000 pounds of this rare type of beans gets produced annually.


 Experience the charm of Waialua coffee today!


We’re Social Brew, an e-commerce coffee company that loves to spread the flavour of the world’s best gourmet and specialty coffees into the lives and routines of coffee lovers like you.


So, if you’re ready to discover the unique taste of 100% Waialua Single Origin Coffee, we’ll be more than happy to help you. We’d also like to share that, we use the proceeds from the coffee you buy from us to help victims of human trafficking in rebuilding their lives.

So, every time you visit Social Brew to make a purchase, we make sure the goodness of our specialty coffees goes beyond your cup.