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Social Brew - Best Kona Coffee Company in Hawaii, USA

You don’t need to purchase overpriced flight tickets or adorn a ‘lei’ around your neck, to get the feel of Hawaii. Simply stroll into your kitchen where your real Hawaiian escape is brewing right in front of you. Social Brew, Hawaii's premier Kona coffee company, invites you to experience a cup that blends the island’s volcanic terroir, sun-soaked beaches, and vibrant spirit in every tantalizing sip. We hand-select only the finest, ethically sourced beans from small, sustainable farms on the Big Island. It’s time you transformed your daily ritual into a pleasurable getaway, filled with pure Hawaiian bliss.

Unlock Kona's Essence with Social Brew's Pure Single-Origin Coffee

We understand the allure of Kona coffee. It's not just fuel; it's a taste of paradise, a sip of history, and a story whispered from the slopes of Mauna Loa. That's why Social Brew is laser-focused on delivering only the finest 100% pure, single-origin Kona beans. With us, you’re assured of nothing less than the raw, unadulterated essence of Kona in every cup.

What makes our selection of coffees unforgettable

  • Authentic Kona Coffee: Experience the true essence of Kona with our 100% pure, single-origin Hawaiian coffee beans. No blends, no fillers, just the island's legendary flavor in every cup. 
  • Island Fresh Quality: From Hawaiian farm to cup, we meticulously control every step to preserve freshness and aroma. Your beans are roasted to perfection by our skilled artisans shortly before shipping, guaranteeing peak island paradise in every sip.
  • Sustainable & Ethical: As a responsible Hawaiian coffee company, we prioritize sustainability, ensuring the longevity of Hawaii's coffee heritage and a healthy planet for all. Savor your cup knowing it supports ethical farming practices and respects the delicate ecosystem of these precious islands.
  • Crafted with Care: Our passionate roasters are artists of their trade, coaxing out the unique character of each Hawaiian bean. From light and bright Kona blooms to dark and roasty Molokai whispers, we have a perfect roast for every palate, capturing the essence of each island's terroir.
  • More Than Just Kona: Dive into our diverse selection of Hawaiian-inspired coffees. Explore the bright, citrusy sunrise of Maui beans, the smooth, creamy sunset of Kauai beans, and the bold, volcanic earthiness of Molokai beans - each a unique expression of the islands' magic. Let your taste buds wander through the Hawaiian archipelago with every cup.

Not just a coffee company, we’re a coffee community 

Social Brew isn't just about coffee, it's about an experience, it’s about people who look forward to savoring conversations, snippets and legends about their favorite beverage. Discover vibrant recipes, brewing tips, and fascinating stories about Hawaiian coffee culture on our blog. We're a community of coffee lovers, united by our passion for island-grown excellence.

Coffee that cares: A brew with a conscience

At Social Brew - a Hawaiian coffee company specializing in gourmet Kona coffee, we’re passionately driven by a powerful mission: to donate 50% of their profits to combat human trafficking. It's a promise that we uphold through partnerships with leading non-profit organizations like Beautiful Feet Wellness. These partnerships directly impact survivors of human trafficking by providing free wellness services and helping them rebuild their lives.

By choosing Social Brew's delicious Hawaiian Kona coffee, you're contributing to the rescue, rehabilitation, and empowerment of human trafficking survivors while savoring the unique taste of organic Kona coffee grown in the paradise of Hawaii.

Social Brew: Your destination for exotic and purposeful coffee 

When you choose Social Brew, you're not just choosing the best Kona coffee in Hawaii. You're choosing a company that stands for something bigger, a company that uses its success to fight for a brighter future. So, the next time you crave a cup of coffee, reach for Social Brew. Let the rich aroma fill your senses, savor the smooth taste, and know that you're making a difference, one delicious sip at a time. Let's brew a world free from human trafficking, together.