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What’s Hawaiian coffee got that other coffees don’t?

When it comes to producing coffee, there’s no dearth of land to get the job done. Coffee is currently grown in close to 80 countries across Africa, Asia, South and Central America and the Caribbean. When it comes to flavor however, not many geographies match up to the magic of one particular slice of land. Hawaii. So what is it that makes conventional coffees a daily routine and Hawaiian coffees a pleasurable experience?

 Nutrient-rich Soil

Hawaiian coffees are blessed with a home that comes richly endowed with something ordinary coffees don’t have the privilege of either seeing or being surrounded with. Volcanoes. Volcanoes on their part, transform the soil into a nutrient-rich, fertile ground that only the world’s best coffees would demand, appreciate and make the most of.

Ideal Temperature

Like people, coffee plants too feel the cold, heat and everything else in between. If we don’t like sweating it out under an exceptionally warm sun, neither do they. The trouble with higher temperatures is, they usually lead to abnormal coffee flowering and poor fruiting. High-elevation coffee regions like Hawaii however, have an average temperature of 69 degrees (Fahrenheit) which inspires coffee plants to do what they’re destined to do. Grow, blossom and create the world’s most delectable coffees.

Well-spread Rainfall

Heavy rains may not wash away the color of your home but it sure can play havoc with the flavor of a coffee bean. The optimal rainfall condition in Hawaii keeps the flavor of coffee beans from being washed away which explains why they taste sweeter and better than other coffees. Also, the rain here is both abundant and uniformly distributed, which is favorable for coffee plantations to flower and fruit throughout the year.  

Quality Management

The hand that nurtures a coffee plant controls the quality of the resulting bean. Hawaiian coffee producers spare no efforts in terms of resources, techniques and processes to make sure their farms give out nothing less than the world’s finest coffees.

The Taste

When you have the world’s best home ground to grow your coffee, a product with exceptional aroma, flavor and after-taste is but a harvest away. Hawaiian coffees are known to be mild in taste and acidity as compared to conventional coffees. Take a sip and you’ll find your coffee to be rich and smooth but never overpowering.

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