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Tap The Code

SocialBrew helps craft brewers match consumption to production. Our tools let brewers find their biggest fans, support their social marketing efforts and create more consumers for increased production.

Only SocialBrew offers unified Twitter, Facebook and Untapp’d profiles showing every social interaction with a brewer’s brand. Who is the brewery’s biggest fan? The guy or gal who actually drinks the beer and makes sure their social networks know how great it is.

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Brew More Beer

Beer is always better with friends. The phenomenal growth of craft brewing has been driven by friends-telling-friends marketing. It’s good for business when someone asks their friends “Hey, have you tried Tiny Brewing’s new IPA?” It’s even better when they post that question on Twitter. When people answer yes, Tiny’s on its way to brewing more beer.

There’s a lot of power in a 140-character post.

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Leverage the Graph

It’s your data. Take a closer look.

Your investment in social media and email communications is key to your business success. That investment is magnified when you see your Twitter, Facebook and Untapp’d followers as individuals rather than data points. SocialBrew brings all your fans’ social accounts and email addresses together in the graph.

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Potable Quote

Across the troubled maelstrom of time, people always need a beer.

Ellen Kushner

Beer of the Week

American Crafted Lager


Beer by House Brewing Co.
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